As Czech veterinary supplier, Vetys is driven by idea to fully supply Czech and Slovak market with a quality and efficient veterinary products.


Bring to a market the new innovative veterinary products intended for animal health and care.


Close cooperation with our suppliers and regular reporting about product market position.


Own car fleet, which supply a product to our customers in a shortest possible time.

Customer support

Everyday we keep in touch with our customers and that is what it creates a trusted relationship.

Are you looking for a new partner in the Czech Republic who will represent your veterinary product line? Let us know!

About us

Vetys is a Czech company owned by specialists from veterinary field.
We are supplying quality veterinary supplements and products
for veterinary practice in the Czech and Slovak republic.
Registration Distribution & Marketing of Veterinary Products in Czech Republic

The Company was originated from the experiences of partners gained in several years of development in the veterinary products.

Knowledge gained from the local and international environment has helped us to formulate a clear vision of our company.

Vetys wants to define itself against the competition, especially by working closely with experts and suppliers, which is why we want to build a win-win system for all interested parties.

  • Distribution

    Thanks to our car fleet and large distribution chain we are able to supply our partners with a new veterinary products very effectively.

  • Registration

    We have years of experience with a registration of veterinary products. We offer Legislative Consulting or we can make a registration for your products.

  • Marketing

    We provide marketing support to products which are in our exclusive distribution and due to our cooperation with Czech vets, we effectively promote new products.

  • Win-Win strategy

    Our business strategy is based on a satisfied manufacturers and customers. We believe that this is the only possible long term cooperation model.

Vetys is Czech veterinary wholesale distributor for horses, dogs, cats and livestock.

Latest News

Unique products now available in the Czech and Slovak Republic